Ethnotolerance Association in partnership with the Institute of Rhetoric and Communications submitted a project on: Securing Tolerance in High School: A Study of the Level of Tolerance among Bulgarian Youths in Real and Digital Environment at the invitation of the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation (ECTR) .

The aim of the project is to diagnose the potential of school education for the formation of tolerance and the current state of tolerance of Bulgarian youth.

The main subject of the study is the diagnosis of the level of tolerance for different - representatives of ethnic groups, migrants, people with disabilities and others among high school students. The monitoring of the potential of the curricula and textbooks in the disciplines of philosophy, history, Bulgarian language and literature will be carried out according to an original methodology developed by the authors. The results will provide a methodology for initiating an empirical study of the school's impact on young people in terms of acceptance of differences and respect for others, as well as on the development of critical thinking and desired social behavior.